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TITLE: Garden of Love

AUTHORS: Anne Darling (photographer) and John Hudson (poet)

FORMAT: e-book


Garden of Love offers a rich and varied excursion into the age-old association between love poetry and flowers. Through poems and photos, the authors celebrate the nature, mystery and potency of an emotion that has enriched our lives since Adam met Eve in the Garden of Eden.
Short, intense poems join with beautifully conceived photographs to tell this age-old story set in a landscape of colour, intimacy and playfulness. Garden of Love dares to be passionate; it is love as lived, and every reader can identify with those personal moments that make their own lives special and profound.
Photographer, Anne Darling, and poet, John Hudson, spent many hours together in gardens in France to make this unique collection. Garden of Love is the distillation of this creative journey: a love-song, a visual feast and a vivid portrayal of this most marvellous of human conditions.

Please note that this book contains 44 high resolution images so may take a little longer than normal to download.