TITLE: 111little love poems

AUTHOR: John Hudson

FORMAT: Paperback, pocket book, 11cm x 18cm, 134 pages

John Hudson wrote 111 poems to be placed in a garden in Brittany, France, in celebration of love. Divided into three groups of 37 poems featuring the rose, the lily and the hydrangea, this sequence explores romance, passion and spirituality in an intense relationship. Each poem is brief; the cumulative effect is of a sustained love song.

PUBLISHED: December 2016 by Markings

Edited and revised reprint of "a rose by your heart" first published by CIAC 2004.






Perfume of roses.

My pillow the Milky Way.

Dream of you.


As the rose bends

I see you.


A white rose.

Morning sun.

Dew drop.