TITLE: 13 Souls in Search of a Light Switch

AUTHOR: John Hudson 

FORMAT: Paperback, pocket book, 11cm x 18cm, 76 pages

13 characters are locked inside a chapel. They have come from different times and different places. Each is in the dark and each is looking for a way out. Their endeavours connect them a universe much bigger than the mundane world. The chapel is truly a place where the timeless intersects with the temporal. 

PUBLISHED: November 2013 by Markings

LANGUAGE: English with French commentary.





The Venerable Bede's Sparrow

And so I came and went
and in that brief flight
gave birth to legend,
a simple metaphor
that carried no meaning for me
but bore weight, it seems,
for the vulnerable Bede.
It was instinct, I headed for light,
got a fright.
Raucous laughter, stench of ale
and flaming faggots
winged me through the nearest window.
Fluttering to a branch,
I waited till dawn, chilly but cheerful.
I never liked foraging around humans
but was on the lookout,
as cheeky sparrows are,
for a crumb, a warm cornice
and by chance
gave generations
a tale to fill out the otherwise Dark Ages.
I didn't last the winter -
froze on a branch slowly at sunset:
not so short as to be a painless life,
not bitter either.
It's no skin off my beak
that the vulnerable Bede,
kiss his cotton habit,
took history's and heaven's credit
while all I did was breed in privet.